SquashFit- Squash Training & Fitness Coach Review & Bonus

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My Back Pain Coach: Huge Commissions In A Huge Market

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ReviewCritical.com Sales Rank 2,524
Price USD 47.00
Main Category Rank #67 in Sports
Category Rank #4 in Sports >> Racket Sports
Release Date Thursday, March 21, 2019
Refund Rate Estimate 42.13
Refund Period 90 days
Affiliate Network ClickBank

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squash players50.2
training cards50.2
fitness program30.12
training programme30.12
professional squash player30.12
world ranked pros20.08
skill circuit stations20.08
circuit training program20.08
entire team20.08
world ranking20.08

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  • 2011-06-19 : Affiliates earn 50% commission on every single sale of SquashFit.
  • Affiliates earn 50% commission on every single sale of SquashFit.