Your opinion drives value in the digital economy. Are you happy or satisfied with a product and you feel that it served its purpose well? Have you had a bad experience and you feel a product fell short of your expectations? Write a review and let others know what you think and how you feel so they can decide whether or not to share in your experience. Speak to the world, to us, so you can make the information highway a better place for those coming in your footsteps.

Disclosure - Our Business Model

Review Critical aims at helping you find the best value for money by providing comparison, traffic and domain name reports and research data on listings, as well as the ability for actual users to voice their opinion through written and video reviews, be it positive or negative. Please also note we only post products where you can get a refund.

As our visitor, it is important that you are aware that we have affiliate business partnerships through networks with all products and services listed on our site, so that if you decide you like one of them and purchase it through clicking on a visit or download link, we get a perccentage of the sale. Therefore we can consider all listings as paid listings on the site.

3rd Party Data

We attempt to collect third party ratings that can help you make the best and an informed decision on whether or not to buy or invest your time and money in this.

ReviewCritical displays traffic graphs from 3rd party providers that show the number of visitors to the product in question, but please note these stats estimate roughly and you should take them with a grain of salt. Alexa, for example, only collects data where a user has installed their toolbar. Also, a low number of visitors may be the result of a seasonal offering, or one that is targeted at a small group.

Another provider, Quantcast sometimes provides an in detail demographics analysis. In case this graph does not appear then the site is new or access is restricted) This visitor profile shows some interesting numbers, such as:

  • Are males or females the predominant visitors to this site?
  • What is the average age of visitors?
  • What is their ethnicity?
  • Do they have children?
  • What is their average income?
  • And finally what is their level of education?

The graph shows percentage values on one side, and a number index on the right with a comparison to the internet average.


One of our guiding principles is "Value for money", therefore we only list products that have a stated refund policy, meaning you can get your money back in 30-60 days after the purchase. With an option for refund, you are safe to purchase, and helps you if you are uncertain before or unhappy after you get the given listing. Please check for exact details with the vendor.

How to get a refund for Clickbank products?

For Clickbank products you will get a confirmation email from support after the purchase with a link to their support system. If you click on it, you will see the following screen, where you can select refund and write a short explanation about it:

Clickbank Refund

For more information, visit the Clickbank Refund Policy FAQ.