$50 Bonus Program


Buy any product through reviewcritical.com and you will receive a bonus worth $50:

This bonus is for Proofread Bot, a revolutionary grammar and style checker that improves your grammar and style, hence your communication! This bonus package enables you to verify as much as 1 million written words! You can use the bonus across all Proofread Bot plugins from Google Docs to Microsoft Word.

Proofread Bot is a revolutionary grammar, style and plagiarism checker tool that improves your writing, so you can get better grades at school, or more business at work.

How To Claim Your Bonus

  1. Buy any product on reviewcritical.com
  2. Make sure on the order page, you see "advisory" as the affiliate on the transaction. If you do not see advisory, you will not be able to claim your bonus!
  3. Send a note with your Clickbank receipt id to info@reviewcritical.com and I will create a user for you at proofreadbot.com and sharemacro.com with the promised credits.