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    I love Affiliates! New Vendor, no conversion rate yet so check 50% commission! My ebook will help All substitute teachers, New and Old. Fantastic niche...Education! Colleges are graduating new teachers every year.

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    TOC( Teacher on Call) 2000-2002\/2006- on-going Why the Title? beneficial question! Some people think that the title of my book is a fiddling disconfirming, or gives the faulty kind of message with regards to education and our teachers. My thoughts are the entire paired! I speak the truth. We teachers are human too! When I first started subbing, I was inexperient. If I had my book then, my job would have been a lot easier! Let's be just ... sometimes veritable teachers are unprepared to be away for a day ... because who plans for a ghastly day during the week! Substitute teachers get the call for a job in the morning hours the like day that they are expected to instruct. Sometimes that sub is unprepared! , the unmotivated part came from the feeling I got after being " beat up " from subbing in some very difficult classes. Subbing is an difficult job, and if you are not quick for some " tough " days, then you are getting into the faulty profession. Sometimes you will be unmotivated to give each class your best. Always know that The Substitute: A Survival Guide for the Inexperienced, Unprepared or Unmotivated Teacher will be there for you! So what's a just price to pay for this one-of-a-kind collection of proved subbing techniques that will save you time, money and your sanity? The price for The Substitute: A Survival Guide for the Inexperienced, Unprepared or Unmotivated Teacher is $ 9.99 US I am sure you will concord that this is a antic price for a resource that will save you time ... so you do n't have to scrub the internet for the following coolheaded thing to lay out to your class ... save you money ... so you do n't have to buy products that do n't have the Substitute Teacher in mind ... and save your sanity ... the best feeling is keeping indocile students in line because your class was fun and interesting! I would pay this price if it helped me out of ONE difficult situation in class. Why not give it a shot! Buy now! What do you have to lose? I ALSO want you to be ABSOLUTELY sure you can get the value out of this alone Substitute Teaching manual. That's why this product comes with my iron-clad, no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Do n't determine Right Now- TEST DRIVE The Substitute: A Survival Guide for the Inexperienced, Unprepared or Unmotivated Teacher for a FULL 60 days, THEN determine Whether Or Not You Want to Keep It It's elementary. Get the book. Use it for 60 days. If you feel it can not make your life SIMPLER, EASIER and MORE FUN ... ... then you can inject me an email and I'll give back your money . No questions asked, no difficult feelings. You ca n't lose. Download Your Copy of the The Substitute: A Survival Guide for the Inexperienced, Unprepared or Unmotivated Teacher Right Now " Gain Instant Access Now to The Substitute: A Survival Guide for the Inexperienced, Unprepared or Unmotivated Teacher & quot; Available for Immediate Secure Download- even if it's 1am! Have a fantastic DAY!

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    • 2011-06-19 : I love Affiliates! New Vendor, no conversion rate yet so check 50% commission! My ebook will help All substitute teachers, New and Old. Fantastic niche...Education! Colleges are graduating new teachers every year.
    • I love Affiliates! New Vendor, no conversion rate yet so check 50% commission! My ebook will help All substitute teachers, New and Old. Fantastic niche...Education! Colleges are graduating new teachers every year.

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