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    Roulette Psychic - How to Bet Successfully


    Sylvia Gumpert is an online gambler who lost all her money to gambling and got into serious debt while in university, forcing her to drop out and get a job. However, one night when she was at the casino, she got her break, learning things about roulette from observation that she later used in research. Eventually, with the help of her brother, she did a lot of research and came up with a roulette calculator that keeps track for you during a roulette game, showing you when to place an outside bet that will win.


    This software is available online for immediate download once payment has been processed, and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The software is designed as an aid to playing roulette, and can be customized to suit the casino of your choice. Each casino uses different ways of generating random numbers, and with the software, you can spin for an hour, calibrate the calculator accordingly, the play for another hour, expecting about 3-4 big wins. The software keeps track of the 5 main outside betting opportunities on a roulette table, which can be difficult and time-consuming without it.


    This software does not involve progressive betting, but instead uses what Gumpert calls bet triggers that enable you to calibrate the number of spins that you need in order to get to the area that you can make a successful bet on. You are meant to calibrate the software until you are satisfied with the results before you wager any money, requiring patience. In addition, as the player, your role to decide if, when hand how much you are willing to bet.


    The software is designed in a simple and user-friendly manner, and once you have downloaded it, you need to choose a casino to play at. The software is set to stay on top at all times, so you have to move it left or right on the casino, which you can do by clicking on the tip of the software above the file and casinos menu, positioning it wherever you are comfortable. Once you spin the roulette wheel, simply click the corresponding number in the software and click "submit."


    Those who have used this software say that they were able to make successful bets while playing online roulette. One user was able to win $1600 in a few hours, while another won back his initial outlay in just 30 minutes. Another roulette player won 96% of his bets as well as over $18,000 in one week, yet another user made enough money to take her family on holiday with no worries. However, the software must be calibrated for every casino, every time you are at the casino, and progress can seem slow, because the software is designed for low-risk betting. In addition, one thing also important to fully understand the software instructions before you begin to use it so that you can avoid losses.

    Check it out and post a review further down here if you think it is any good and legit, or if it is a scam or a fraud. Also, watch out for occasional discounts and free promos such, as downloadable pdf ebooks.

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    Product Teaser

    "` Such software does not, will not and can not work"'??


    Whilst I am no expert when it comes to probability, I know quite a lot about playing on-line roulette and all will get open if you choose to have Roulette Psychic keep an eye on everything for you.


    You see a few years ago, the internet gave me some hope that I could win at roulette using a known system called"` Martingale"' roulette.
    This is where you keep betting on Red or Black and duplicate up your bets whenever you lose.??
    It made sense it would come after and it carried on to give me big results on a veritable basis.



    The idea seemed big to me at the time, I was in my 2d year of University in Germany, and the prospect of winning at roulette( by using what seemed to be a unflawed system) meant that I would be capable to complete my studies without struggling for money every day.


    However, my dreams were dashed when I lost every penny I invested on these systems at the on-line casinos.??
    In the end I put myself in debt, and I was forced to drop out of university.
    I had to find work as an office assistant in my home town of Frankfurt.



    After 3 months of working in a job that I never wanted, it all got too much for me and I started to slip in to a pretty tough state of depression.??
    I felt trapped by my debts, and my dreams of having a career seemed like a lifetime away.


    But then my life did a u-turn after my work announced that for our Christmas Party they we ?re going to care for all the staff in my office to a night at a casino and we each had 200 chips to use on whatever we wanted.??


    Whilst you may be reading this, and sensing some irony here, I was about to make a discovery that would alter my life, and mould me into the person that I am today.??


    When we arrived in the casino lobby, I went straight to the roulette table with two of my colleagues, and I watched them play for over an hour, spreading their bets around the roulette table.
    However I noticed that no one on the table was ever betting on the away bets.??


    ( By away bets, I mean in high spirits and low-toned, odds and evens, crimson and pitch-black, column bets and row bets)

    I decided that the confusion of the unrecorded table was too much for me, so I decided to sit at a roulette machine instead, and I start placing away bets.


    Then I started to detect a pattern?? ?a pattern that I would later go on to code in to the internets cheapest yet most cost efficient Roulette Calculator?.


    Roulette Psychic V2 is the result of 3 years difficult work studying casino algorithms which gives the illusion of predicting what area the ball will land on an on-line roulette table.


    In reality it just contains the like mathmatical equations that online casinos use to look to be generating "random"` numbers.


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    • 2011-06-19 : Roulette Psychic is the first piece of Roulette Software to actually deliver consistant profits. Soft Launch converted 1-9 with zero refunds. Launch date 22nd April 2011 http://www.roulettepsychic/jv to get involved
    • Roulette Psychic is the first piece of Roulette Software to actually deliver consistant profits. Soft Launch converted 1-9 with zero refunds. Launch date 22nd April 2011 http://www.roulettepsychic/jv to get involved

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