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    Be disposed to be blown away by the tremendous might of the Roulette Assault Betting Software, which is the most telling and various roulette software on the market. It is all customizable, easy to use, and performs right out of the box. Roulette Assault has lineaments that NO early roulette betting software has even come close to, but the author is sure that the leadership techinques will finally be copied anyhow.

    Over the last few months, the author has seen respective new roulette software products crop up in the view. The newest highlight that most of them boast is mechanisation. The computer software essentially does all the work for you, no computer mouse needed. In this case, that is a good affair, but it doesn't make those computer software stand out any more than the traditional manual method, because these early products don't crack any affair alone about the existent strategies they carry out.

    The developers at Roulette Assault stepped up and not only created an all machine-controlled roulette betting automaton, but it looks like they did affairs with another twist as well. The biggest conflict that I noticed about the Roulette Assault computer software is that it doesn't apply the sleeper organisation like the vast bulk of its competitors. This system waits for respective "misses" of a section of the roulette gameboard, and then starts placing bets exploiting a pattern.

    Although Roulette Assault cracks the sleeper systems as one that an actor can use, it also has 3 extra ones the actor can carry out, such as the Six Point Factor system, the Double-dozens organisation, and the Progressive Singles organisation.

    When it comes to exploiting a roulette system, there should be a way to test it without having to berth a bingle dime on the roulette board. Roulette Assault has a lineament called "arousal mode" that does this. You can set the automaton up to spin the roulette wheel and garner numbers and play them against an assumed game. In other words, it plays the game with itself while holding track of the balance and settings you have set.

    Roulette Assault can also store the previous numbers using the History feature. Recording the history will save the player a lot of time because it can take several hours to record 30,000 or more "real money" spins to test a system. The best part is that when you are satisfied with the number of spins you have recorded, you can then tweak whatever system and settings you want to use and run it against the analyzer. The analyzer is another great feature.

    Although there are several more features that Roulette Assault offers, I will not go over them here because they are very "nice-to-have", but are explained in great detail on the Roulette Assault website, and also on my review website. The above mentioned features are totally unique to Roulette Assault, and the rest are common amongst various commercial roulette systems

    Check it out and post a review further down here if you think it is any good and legit, or if it is a scam or a fraud. Also, watch out for occasional discounts and free promos such, as downloadable pdf ebooks.

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    Release Notes: November 6, 2009Added downloadable casino graphics during automation wizard. You still have the option to let RA catch graphics. Added " El Bandido Ruleta & quot; system. This is the programmed equivilent of the Roulette Bandit system, but we added the ability to cover Odd\/Even bets, High\/Low bets, and added more flexability to each system thresholds as well. Added iGaming casino platform. These casinos are beneficial for US players as they have a complimentary spin option. Added " Auto Restart if Stop Loss or Trailing Stop is Hit & quot;. This comes in ready to hand if you want to re-start whatever system you are using if a stop loss is hit. Fixed a bug in the Tools-Chip Values function. Made automation stronger and faster. Fixed some wager math bugs if using $ .9 wagers or less. June 26, 2009Various bug fixes( The Double Dozens interfered with calc's) Freezing at 3 % in the Automation Wizard. Wizard would n't work if there was a chip placed on the table. RA needs to unclutter the table before it proceeds. This wo n't work if in existent mode with a zero balance, but see following point. Added " Chip Values & quot; to Tools menu so you can alter the values if you switch between existent money and play money. If you are trying to make a profile in existent money with a zero balance, it wo n't work because of deficient funds. Instead you can make it in play mode, then alternate over to existent mode and alter your chip values. June 22, 2009Upgraded User InterfaceAdded & quot; Save Settings As & quot; and " Load Settings & quot;( File Menu) so User can fine-tune settings and save to file. Double Dozens now does RowsDouble Dozens now has a Sleeper SystemFixed Progressive Singles bug- Could bet on $ 1 wagers. Now can do Dimes and PenniesAdded Penny wageringImproved Analyzer speed by giving the user the option to not show the Casino History as it analysesSeperated out High\/Low, Red\/Black, Odd\/Even from the fifty-fifty betting so user can adapt High\/Low settings for each betRemoved the 0( zero) from the Multi dropdowns as that was n't necessaryAdded Getting Started to the Help menu Added Double Dozens to Custom Wagering Added RealTime Gaming casino platform to RA automation abilityAdded Vegas Technology gaming platform to RA automation ability You are about to get instantaneous access to the most various roulette software usable. Many of the systems in this software cost more than $ 40 each for the non-automated version, so , you are saving well over $ 150 at our low-toned price of $ 49.95. When you purchase Roulette Assault, you will be sent a alone code to unlock the software. Your purchase will take into account you to assault the online casinos and take their money hostage, all for a bantam one time fee of $ 49.95. To get started, snap here to order at the circumscribed time price.

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