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    Make Money Online Sharing Your Opinions


    MyWebOpinions website is a professionally designed website with a sales page with clear convincing ad copy, videos, banners and promotional emails.

    Overview of the website

    The website is meant for those who wish to run their own Pay Per Click campaigns through provision of keywords that work. It encourages users to affiliate with it and in turn pays them 75% on all sales made and it also helps with promotion of website.

    What you need is a PC and you can begin making money from this website through answering surveys, testing sites and rating movies and TV shows. The site provides an online seminar on earning with surveys as well as introduction to online survey companies and tips on how to make money from freebies.


    • By becoming affiliated to the site, you stand a chance of making extra money that will help you fill the gap on your income brought about by the rising inflation rates globally.
    • You can earn good extra money through this website which you would use to pay off your mortgage and other debts fast.
    • The website pays out highest commissions on its category and has also come out to be an ultimate work from home combo.
    • The website is reputed for reliable payments through ClickBank and does not require any special skills or experience to use but ownership of a PC.
    • Already, tens of thousands members are already earning serious revenue by answering online surveys courtesy of the website and you too could begin making good money writing surveys.


    • Online surveys are sometimes limited to zones and so may not benefit you if you come from a zone not strategically placed for such surveys.
    • Time, diligence and dedication to answering surveys is required to be able to make money from this website and risk of scam is also present online.


    A mother attested that she already found help from the site and makes more than 300 US dollars per day by just testing websites. Several other members who have benefited from the website have attested to the fact that they have made real earnings and some have been able to quit their demanding day jobs.


    As you sign up to the website to make money from answering surveys, your attention is brought to other money making strategies such as:

    1. 20 US dollars are yours to collect as soon as you sign up for membership on this website.
    2. Get paid to drive where you are expected to drive your own car and you will get paid for it.
    3. Get paid to shop where you are engaged in mystery shopping and you are paid real money in return.
    4. Get paid to eat where you are invited to participate in mystery dining at restaurants, spas, golf courses and cruises and you are paid for this action.
    5. Get paid to test products where free products are delivered to your home like electronics, household items, detergents, cosmetics and others and you try them and get pay while you can also get to keep the products.
    6. Get paid to blog where you are engaged in promoting the popularity of a website or product by writing short reviews about the same and you are paid for them.

    Check it out and post a review further down here if you think it is any good and legit, or if it is a scam or a fraud. Also, watch out for occasional discounts and free promos such, as downloadable pdf ebooks.

    Product Teaser

    If you have a computer you can do it! I earned $ 10- $ 120 per hour doing the following: Test websites. $ 5- $ 10 per siteAnswer online surveys. $ 2-20 per surveyRate movies and TV shows. $ 15- $ 25 per show. complimentary online seminar on earning with surveys. complimentary introduction to online survey companies. Your name

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    Product description updates for affiliates (sales partners) by the owner. Usually short 1 sentence descriptions, with some stats focusing on the profitablitiy of the product trying to convince affiliates for promoting it.
    • 2011-06-19 : New trend in work from home -- Test Websites For $$$. ** Loads of Free bonuses * Direct Marketing Pro Designed Pitch Page * Sexy Squeeze Page * Aggressive Follow Up Marketing Letters * Pro Banner Farm* Recurring. 75% On $48 + 75% annual recurring.
    • New trend in work from home -- Test Websites For $$$. ** Loads of Free bonuses * Direct Marketing Pro Designed Pitch Page * Sexy Squeeze Page * Aggressive Follow Up Marketing Letters * Pro Banner Farm* Recurring. 75% On $48 + 75% annual recurring.

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