Guide to Getting the Teaching Job of Your Dreams

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    Of teachers and teaching

    The drive to teach

    A few people are natural born teachers. They have immense amounts of patience and always seem to have the knack of holding themselves together. They know the art of handling people with gunpowder levels of energy and at the same time can stop to bring out a shy, retiring child to the fore. Such teachers are people who shape and mould a great generation. Schoolrooms become pleasant places of learning with such teachers around. But great opportunities could be lost if a person with such capabilities did not know how to properly apply to a job and speak out correctly. Such people require preparations before facing the interview panel.

    Preparations involved in getting a teaching job

    To qualify for a teaching profession one has to hold a bachelor's degree in any discipline. He or she must also pass the qualifying exams, which are given at the end of the teacher-training course. Once they are properly certified, they can apply to the board of education in the district of their choice. What one must do before attending an interview is to prepare himself thoroughly. There are many teacher interview aids available on the internet that help a candidate prepare himself for the interview. However, it is good if the candidate can trust himself to one trusted source, to guide him through the process from start to finish. Though teaching jobs are available in plenty, one has to perform brilliantly at the interview, to qualify for the job.

    Help from

    The above is a website created by a teacher with plenty of experience. Tim has worked in two school districts and has been a part of the candidate interview panel on numerous occasions. Culled from all these experiences and wide reading are the pointers set down in writing, in his eBook titled ‘guide to getting the Teaching Job of your dreams'. This book is available for down load from his web site on payment. Tim emphasises the need for knowledge about teacher recruitment interviews before attending one. Therefore, he says, his book will help any aspiring teacher find his or her feet.

    The topics addressed in his book

    Tim addresses issues like creating a portfolio for the occasion. He talks about how to present a presentation with visuals, how to dress, how to speak, how to ask questions when the interview committee leaves the floor open and so on. Many of the people who have downloaded the book have written in to say that they aced the interview and landed their dream job. Elementary schooling is a challenging field and is not for the faint hearted. Therefore, one has to go with all the confidence he can muster up to make a success of himself. Reading maketh a man and it is no doubt that the right kind of reading points the way to better living. Tim's advice is very crisp, clear and well written. It can be depended upon to create an impression with the interview panel.

    Check it out and post a review further down here if you think it is any good and legit, or if it is a scam or a fraud. Also, watch out for occasional discounts and free promos such, as downloadable pdf ebooks.

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    • 2011-06-19 : Everything you need to know to find the Teaching Job thats right for you. Includes 50 teacher interview questions and answers & lots more! 60% commission. Converts well.
    • Everything you need to know to find the Teaching Job thats right for you. Includes 50 teacher interview questions and answers & lots more! 60% commission. Converts well.

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