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    "Discover How Months Of Research And Data Analysis Created The Author's Formula That Wins Over 90% Of The Author's System Bets!"

    Now you can reap the benefits of the Author's hours of commitment and hard work and variety your life with inconceivable win for very small time and effort.

    Sometimes in life it's when you to the lowest degree look it that your life changes forever. A find conversation led to a variety in the way the Author viewed sports dissipated and in detail Football betting. The conversation was with person who has been qualification a good come of money from Football dissipated and he revealed a john r. major element in the criteria he used. This led to hours upon hours of hard work and elaborate psychoanalysis of historical data.

    With the deliberate coating of a few changes and adaptations - MY WINNING FORMULA WAS BORN!

    Before the Author get started, look at the results of the Author's scheme bets for the flow flavour as of today, 26th February 2010.

    Only 4 of the Author's scheme bets have lost this flavour and the awesome come of taking bets has just been gushing money into the Author's bank account.

    Whether your a veteran gambler, a football game fiend or just person who wants to make a pile of cash every day this is a good goldmine. The best ever chance you will have to wave goobye to the mention crunch.

    The dish of the data the Author standard is two fold, first of all the Author was able to just see the possibility and the system of logic seat how this chap had been exploitation the criteria to place the taking teams an awesome come of times. And the Author was able to take this to the next level.

    Secondly, in that location is age of historical data useable which meant that ahead the Author invested an individual cent the Author could give the rule to near any conference in any area loss back jolly much as far as the Author wanted.

    Check it out and post a review further down here if you think it is any good and legit, or if it is a scam or a fraud. Also, watch out for occasional discounts and free promos such, as downloadable pdf ebooks.

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    11/04 15.23 units

    18/04 7.9 units

    Most you got off to a enceinte start and a starting bank of 20 units was never in trouble after the tertiary day of bets.
    Maximum exposure of the bank was day 3 at 14 points, after that easygoing as pie bare sailing with no stress? ?..as_. long as you didn?t drop your winnings( like some would!)

    Brilliant stuff and I so hope you can pull it off again!!

    Well done, look forward to sending you a crate of bubbling following May.




    Whether you're a veteran gambler, a football fanatical or just someone who wants to make a pile of cash every day this is a dangerous goldmine.The best ever opportunity you will have to wave goobye to the credit crunch.

    The beauty of the information I received is two fold, I was capable to realise the theory and the logic behind how this chap had been using the criteria to place the winning teams an astonishing number of times.
    And I was capable to take this to the following level.

    , there is years of historical data usable which meant that before I invested a individual penny I could employ the formula to almost any league in any country going back pretty much as far as I wanted.

    Having been involved in sports betting for longer than I care to call back, it is always important for me to be 100 % sure-footed before I become involved.
    Thus I embarked upon a program of doing the above.
    I used the criteria I had been given and started to analyse data from old seasons throughout the European Football Leagues.
    I was very disbelieving until after many many hours of number crunching, odds analysis and percentage calculations, it started to get open that there was indeed a mutual set of outcomes and results.
    There was no charming formula or rocket science involved, in fact it was elementary albeit massively time consuming to footslog through the all the data.

    England Premiership England Championship 2009/2010- 20 Wins 1 Loss 2009/2010- 32 Wins 1 Loss2008/2009- 27 Wins 2 Loss 2008/2009- 32 Wins 2 Loss 2007/2008- 29 Wins 0 Loss 2007/2008- 27 Wins 1 Loss2006/2007- 28 Wins 2 Loss 2006/2007- 43 Wins 1 Loss
    Not did I find out that there was a enceinte deal of merit in this and something enceinte, there was also something which to me stood out like a raw thumb and which had to be applied to the data and analysis.
    And it was this that took what was already a successful set of statistics and results to the following level and to where I am today.
    Winning over 90 % of my system bets!

    France League 1 Germany Bundesliga 2009/2010- 22 Wins 1 Loss 2009/2010- 16 Wins 1 Loss2008/2009- 23 Wins 2 Loss 2008/2009- 16 Wins 1 Loss 2007/2008- 28 Wins 2 Loss 2007/2008- 20 Wins 1 Loss2006/2007- 29 Wins 1 Loss 2006/2007- 14 Wins 2 Loss
    I mentioned that this all started from a chance conversation and I have since had many conversations with Dave who lives in Thailand, and he has now adopted the application of my system bets this season and we work together.
    Dave had provided the criteria and my analysis added the excess that took us to over the 90 % strike rate.
    It became discernible that as well as the elementary criteria I had to factor in in many early elements in the season.
    Teams change, players get sold and fresh players are bought, management changes, injuries occur and no two seasons are the like.
    To find the bets it was necessary to use data and statistics that overlapped in seasons as well as keeping up to date with team news and current events in each league.

    The journey of data analysis week after week for a enceinte deal of time sparked two emotions in me.
    I began to get miffed and excited all at the like time.
    Miffed because I knew this was brobdingnagian and that I had been missing out for so recollective.
    "` If alone"` moments occur often in life and this was becoming one of them.
    How enceinte could my bank balance have been had the chance conversation happened two, three, four years earlier.
    But there is no point in dwelling on that as this was being overwhelmed with the emotion of excitement.

    Holland Eredivisie Italy Serie A 2009/2010- 19 Wins 0 Loss 2009/2010- 33 Wins 1 Loss2008/2009- 17 Wins 2 Loss 2008/2009- 29 Wins 2 Loss 2007/2008- 18 Wins 0 Loss 2007/2008- 27 Wins 1 Loss2006/2007- 25 Wins 0 Loss 2006/2007- 26 Wins 1 Loss

    You see, I know that this winning formula will see the length of time.

    The difficult work has paid monolithic dividends already and I am giving you this antic opportunity to join me right now.

    I want you to gain from my winning formula and give you every bet that I make in all of the 10 leagues that I have been using to make brobdingnagian profits and winning over 90 % of my system bets.



    Forget gut instinct or bad hopeful betting, put your profits on auto pilot.

    Join me now and reap the monolithic success of my winning formula.

    Hi Neil, Thanks for your email.
    I can conceive of how much work you are putting into finding your selections as I myself am doing something like with horseracing and early sports here in Australia.
    My results however, although acceptable, are not in the like league as yours.
    In saying that, I just want to let you know that your difficult work is appreciated.

    Kind regards Frank

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    • 2011-06-19 : Football Bets Direct, win over 90% of all your bets. 220 win to 6 loss ratio 2009/10 season. New season in full flow! Great product for affiliates.
    • Football Bets Direct, win over 90% of all your bets. 220 win to 6 loss ratio 2009/10 season. New season in full flow! Great product for affiliates.

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