Create Awesome eCovers in Photoshop in 4 Simple Steps

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    Not a designer? These beautiful action scripts and 20 sizzling pre-designed ecover templates will have you creating stunning ebook covers in no time!

    Check it out and post a review further down here if you think it is any good and legit, or if it is a scam or a fraud. Also, watch out for occasional discounts and free promos such, as downloadable pdf ebooks.

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    Dear Visitor,

    Are you looking for a debauched and easygoing way to make arresting ebook covers, software boxes, dvd cases, and discs in Photoshop?

    eBook cover action scripts make it easygoing to turn any level image into a naturalistic looking 3D cover image.
    However, there is one belittled problem that no action script can figure out ...

    ...Not All Of Us Are Designers

    eCover action scripts are big, but the problem is you still have to come up with an eye catching design.

    Let's face it, anyone can hit the"` compile"' button to turn that level image into a 3D cover, but to have a big looking 3D cover you first have to put a big looking design on the page.

    The choice you have is pretty much to drill and drill until you can contrive well, and who wants to go through that solid process just to contrive a few ebook covers?

    The Solution?
    eBook Cover Impact

    eBook Cover Impact is not just a bunch of action scripts.
    It is a consummate ecover toolkit for Photoshop, featuring 16 action scripts, 20 pre-designed templates and consummate video training, along with some shortcut bonuses to help you finish your design tasks faster.

    Let's take a look at everything you'll be getting.

    For starters, eBook Cover Impact provides you with 16 of the most democratic ecover actions, from respective ebook covers to software boxes, DVD packaging and Mac/Vista style boxes.

    If you're not intimate with these, here's how it works:

    - You do your design on a normal 2nd canvas
    - You click a compile button to run the action script
    - The script does all the work and turns your level design into a 3D cover

    Here are all the cover types you get:

    The existent beauty of this package are the 20 designed ecover templates.
    You can customise any template in minutes to have a beautiful ebook/box/DVD/software cover for any niche or topic.

    At my design service at xwebgraphics .com_.
    I charge $ 67 to contrive just one professional get 20 alone designs in this package which you can customise and use to spread over your ain products.
    That's $ 1340 worth of designs at your fingertips.

    PLEASE NOTE: Even though ebook covers are depicted here, all the templates are usable for each of the 16 ecover action types in the package!

    All these templates feature:

    - designed template layout for every individual action script in the package- whether you want to make a box, book, dvd or cd, every template is provided quick for use with all the action scripts- see example below!

    - Professional text layouts( fonts included)- text layout is where many ecovers fall level, even those from alleged professional designers.
    You wo n't have that problem with these in high spirits impact text layouts!

    - An easy-to-replace independent image to fit any niche or topic

    - An easygoing to alter independent color scheme

    Look How Easy It Is:

    STEP 1: pick out your favourite template.
    In this case we'll work with the ebook cover template for design# 17:

    Now, this is a weight loss themed template, but say for example you want to make a existent estate themed_. ebook cover.
    No problem!

    STEP 2: Hit any of my recommended stock sites to find a desirable independent image( from as fiddling as $ 1 per image, but you can also use complimentary stock sites) and use it to put back the template image:

    STEP 3:

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    • 2011-06-19 : Not a designer? These beautiful action scripts and 20 sizzling pre-designed ecover templates will have you creating stunning ebook covers in no time!
    • Not a designer? These beautiful action scripts and 20 sizzling pre-designed ecover templates will have you creating stunning ebook covers in no time!

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