A Big Beautiful Woman Guide To Great Sex

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    Are You Missing Out On These Pleasures Because You’re a Big Woman?

    How To Thrill Your Lover and Enjoy Great sex, No Matter What Your Size

    You can't be too rich or too thin," company tells you. Or no, company doesn't "tell" you.

    Society screams at you. You're bombarded by the din content daily.

    It comes at you like a gale power wind, or at to the lowest degree some kind of wind. You’re screamed at to be thin from the covers and pages of magazines. You’re yelled at from the Author's TV screens. You’re blame from billboards.You hear it constantly: if you want to be beautiful, sexy, and desirable, you must be thin.

    As if audience this content isn’t bad enough, you’re also assaulted with images. Everywhere you look, you see pictures of thin women-women who could quite a potential fit interior one second joint of a large, busty woman. It is these thin women-the ones with the flat stomachs (where DO women get stomachs that flat?), who are portrayed in romantic, intimate situations. It is these thin women who are shown in passionate embraces.

    So what is a big beautiful woman to do?

    Are you fed up with look like you can’t be good in bed because you’re a large woman? Do you feel untempting and not at all sexy? Do you desperation of ever having the kind of sex life you read near in books and see on TV?

    But the Author’re not there anymore. Yes, the Author’re big. But who cares?

    The Author's husbands think the Author’re sexy as all get out, and the Author have large sex whenever the Author want it. Want to find out how you can have it too? Keep reading.

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    Product Teaser

    ???????????? How to keep preceding hurt and rejection from ruining lovemaking in your current relationship

    ?????????? ?? The clandestine to FINALLY accepting yourself the way you are

    ???????????? Why thinking about your lover and lovemaking all day long instead of food( or lack thereof_,) will give you the kind of sex life you ?ve
    dreamed about

    ?????????? ?? The one thing you MUST know about what your man needs if you want enceinte lovemaking

    ?????????? ?? The best way to get over performance anxiety( and have fun doing it!)

    ???????????? How you can use food to ameliorate your sex life-find out which foods are the charming love potions you need for unbelievable lovemaking

    ?????????? ?? A elementary way to use something you take for granted to jump-start the kind of angry lovemaking that can last all night

    ?????????? ??Tips and tricks for turning your enceinte beautiful body into an invitation for sex that your man will NOT be capable to turn down

    ??????????? ?Ways to keep your lovemaking enceinte for the rest of your life

    ???????????? How to stir your lover in ways that will make him your uncoerced sex slave??

    ??????????? ?Proven unwritten strategies that are low-toned calorie and in high spirits pleasure.

    ??????????? ?Specific suggestions for lovemaking positions that guarantee the heights of pleasure

    ???????????? raging ideas for how to take your lovemaking delights out of the bedroom.


    Each chapter of A Big Beautiful Woman ?s Guide to Great Sex is divided into comic and helpful subsections entire of all kinds of ?hands-on?
    At the end of each chapter, you ?ll find even more fun and frolic in ?SexSteps,? action steps that will help you blow no time in putting into practice the techniques and tantalizing tidbits you ?ve read.??
    Each chapter also has a? A Man Weighs In? sidebar that offers a man ?s opinion on the cosmopolitan topic of the chapter.


    We combine our brobdingnagian and juicy experience with the enthusiastic input of our well-chosen husbands and share, with as much humor and grace as potential, what we ?ve learned about turning our curves, copious as they are, into an asset of amazing intimate power.? ?So_.
    who are weand why should you hear to us?

    Andrea Rains Waggener holds a B.A. in Psychology from The College of William and Mary.??
    A erstwhile newspaper columnist, Andrea is the author of Alternate Beauty, a chick lit novel about an corpulent woman who finds herself in a universe where enceinte is considered beautiful and discovers, for the 1st time, self esteem and romance when she accepts her body for what it is.??
    Andrea is also the author of self help e-book, Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise-52 Life-Changing Lessons for the Twenty-first Century. ??Andrea has appeared on Fox News Network ?s, Fox & Friends and the Pacific Northwest TV shows, Northwest Afternoon and Being In Seattle.??


    Andrea has experienced sex from both a lean woman ?s perspective and a? ?enceinte woman ?s perspective.??
    She admits that she ?s had far more orgasms as a? ?enceinte woman than she ever did when she was thin.??
    ( This, her husband would reason, is ascribable to her current partner ?s prowess, but she has learned a thing or two about herself through years of dealing with self-esteem issues.)??
    Andrea is enjoying the former years of a fresh, super-sensual marriage.??

    ?Andrea? ?conveys ideas that bare and make your life better.
    And she does this in a way that is...
    dare I say it? ??--
    She tells stories from her ain life that you can associate to.
    And , you discover that she's drawn you to a place of understanding something crucial and worthful.
    And given you reasonable tools and practices.


    I encourage you to read everything by Andrea Rains Waggener that you can get your eyes and/or hands on.?


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