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    by Peter D Marshall on November 13, 2011

    If you have been following filmmaking trends you know the world of indie filmmaking is changing fast.

    Inexpensive production technology coupled with the decline of traditional movie distribution has forever transformed the ways in which movies are marketed, seen and sold.

    These days, filmmakers must not make big movies, but in order to flourish, new moviemakers must now control crowdfunding, internet marketing and societal media.

    To help you come after as an main filmmaker, I collaborated with nine early outstanding filmmaker thought leaders to furnish you with a complemental filmmaking Action Guide on how to exist and boom in this ever changing industry.

    It ?s called? The Modern Moviemaking Movement?
    and it will furnish you with 100?? pages of utilitarian, new, no-fluff filmmaking information such as:

    1. Uncover Successful, Modern Screenwriting Tips? Jurgen Wolff 2. Find Out How To Make the Most of Movie Money- Norman C. Berns 3. Discover Six Ways to Finance Your Feature Film ?Gordon Firemark 4. The State of The( Indie Filmmaker) Union ?Tom Malloy 5. Get The Inside Scoop On Crowdfunding ?Carole Dean 6. Plan Your Production For Maximum Success ?Peter D. Marshall 7. Modern Guerrilla Filmmaking ?Gary King 8. Navigate Film Festivals and Do Them Right ?Sheri Candler 9. Sell Your Movie Without the Middle-Man ?Jason Brubaker 10.
    The Producer of Marketing & Distribution ?Jon Reiss

    Grab? The Modern MovieMaking Movement?
    here: http ://
    Also, if you like this 100 page indie filmmaking Action Guide, PLEASE GIVE IT AWAY to your closest filmmaking friends.

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    • 2012-01-06 : This 220 Page Multi-media Online Course Will Give You Access To 100's Of Proven Insider Tips And Techniques That Will Help You Become A Successful Film And Television Director
    • This 220 Page Multi-media Online Course Will Give You Access To 100's Of Proven Insider Tips And Techniques That Will Help You Become A Successful Film And Television Director

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